By U3 USB Drive Guy

Imagine if you could carry a miniature version of your computer’s desktop with you everywhere you go… then if you needed something, say you needed to log into your Skype or instant messenger, you could do so in seconds?

Well, you can. The latest USB Flash Drive technology, U3 lets you do just that. Watch the U3 Demo to see just how cool it is.

u3 usb

When you plug your U3 USB device into any computer and enter your password, your desktop, applications and current files are all there ready for you to use and update. Any changes you make, are later replicated to your PC when you plug it in back on your home pc. This is great for people who are on the move and do not want to lug a laptop with them everywhere they go.

You can use this in Internet cafes, schools or companies you are visiting for presentation purposes… the possibilities are limitless. You would have to be mad to buy a flash memory stick without U3 technology.

See the Official U3 Demo    viewdemo viewvideo



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